Two Thoughts Tuesday:)

Thought numero uno..

My dogs mean the world to me:) and i don’t know what i would do if i lost them!

Here are some pictures of me and each of my puppies playing in the snow:)

This is Bear, he is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and his registered name is Nomad Kennels Gunpowder River.
He loves to wrestle in the snow and give hugs, he is really a big teddy bear(only to me though haha).
He is a very protective dog, and barks way too much but i love my little buddy and i wouldn’t trade him for the world!:)

I love my Bear Bear:))

This is my little Chihuahua:) Her name is Maya but everyone calls her Taco because of the Taco Bell dog haha.
She is the cutest dog in the world, but sometimes is also the most annoying dog in the world but i love her:)

Maya & I

And Timber:) I love this dog so very much, she is definitely one of a kind. She is a Lab Malamute. Timber is the smartest, nicest, most playful dog in the world. She is our little snow dog.

Timber & I

Thought numero dos..

When this happens…

Blizzard 2010

this happens..


I couldn’t find her for the longest time and when i did she was laying in front of the fireplace staying warm:)

Thats it for tonight! Make sure you click and make me number one!!:)

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The New Addition to Our Family, Maya.